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StarLight Harmony Music was founded in Hawai’i in 1980 with the idea of sharing Peaceful, Soothing, and Relaxing Music by Michele Bodine Behleem. With time, Starlight Harmony Music, Inc., enhanced it’s productivity by adding ideas and projects that promote World Peace, Environmental Awareness, Interreligious Harmony, and Music Therapy.


Starlight Harmony Music was created with the objective to create and share relaxing & peaceful music for the world without expecting monetary gains as a primary goal.  So in real it was mostly a nonprofit since the beginning. In 2016, Starlight Harmony Music has become an officially registered Non Profit in the State of Hawai’i.


StarLight Harmony Music objective is to promote and support ideas and projects globally, that help to inspire World Peace, Environmental Awareness, Interreligious Harmony, and Music Therapy.


Extensive research has shown that Relaxing Music has the ability to help us focus in many areas of our lives. This includes, Meditation, Yoga, Massage Therapy, and Creativity.


Our music has been used since 1980 as a source of Music Therapy and has helped thousands of patients in Hospitals, Clinics, and Nursing Care Homes. Music Therapy utilizes relaxing and uplifting music for stress relief, insomnia, anxiety, pain relief, depression and hyperactivity.


Our music has been used in numerous Global Peace Projects Promoting Peace Through Music. Please see our projects for more details.


We are fortunate to call Hawai’i our home having lived here for 40 years. The beauty and pristine of Hawai’i nature has inspired us to create environmental music video projects beginning in 2007. At present, we have created more than 150 music videos. Our objective is to enhance the experience and beauty of the tropics. We hiked, and some were difficult, to many different places to film pristine areas mostly untouched by civilization. Sunrises and sunsets were filmed at many beach areas as well.

The purpose was to create an appreciation for this natural beauty and cause an awareness of the necessity of protection, preservation, and environmental care of our Earth. For more details please see our video section.


We live in a global village. We have respect for all religions, faiths, and beliefs. Music is  a universal language  and we are using it to relate with interfaith harmony and peace among nations and their communities.

Since 2005 our Music is being used in our ongoing project ” World Prayer For Peace by All Artist 2005 – 2016.  Please see our prayer project for more details.


Our ongoing video projects have been in effect since 2005. So far we have produced more then 150 Music Videos. Several Global Peace Songs, Promoting Environmental Awareness and Peace were also produced. See our video section for more details.


As a nonprofit we are offering all of our released music for free streaming on our Online StarLight Radio. It is available on our website 24/7 for you to listen, relax, be inspired, uplifted and happy.

Click here to listen to our Free Starlight RADIO


We feel very honored to partner with “Global Positive Media”, a Hawai’i based Nonprofit for upcoming Peace Music Album releases.

If you are a Positive company, nonprofit, or if you have some project proposals, or  interested in using any of our music for a good cause, contact us.

If you are a positive artist looking for a releasing label to release your music to the world, please contact us.


So far we have published 12 albums that are available on various online stores. You can find our music on iTunes, Amazon, and 40 more online stores worldwide.

Our Awards

6 of our albums received World Peace Music Awards from India in 2013 and 2014

Please see award page for more details.


Starlight Harmony Music was founded by Michele Bodine Behleem.

Please see more details on her personal website.

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